RWC Game 4: NZL vs. RSA

Two of the favourites to win the World Cup met in Yokohama for their pool B clash. No team has ever lost a match and gone on to win the Rugby World Cup, so neither team was keen to drop game 1.

The first half was dominated by South Africa, securing an early penalty to get the score board ticking over. But a single mistake cost them 7 points, then all of a sudden it’s half time and the All Blacks are winning 17-3. Such is the quality of The Darkness. A few dozen injuries, and they’d still be competitive.

Cheslin Kolbe is one to watch on the wing for South Africa, but he had limted opportunity to shine. He’s a game changer, and will be dangerous going forward.

The second half was a better effort from the Springboks securing 10 points in 20 minutes. But New Zealand is alergic to losing.

The game ended 23 – 13 to New Zealand.

Can anyone beat this team?

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