RWC Game 7: ENG vs. TGA

The game was alright… but seriously, drop what you are doing right now and check out Ben Tameifuna. 151kg’s of glorious Tight Head Prop. He played a solid 45ish minutes but made every one count.

Tonga deserve the moral victory for their spirited performance and selection policy alone!

England’s performance smacked of keeping their gun in the holster, not wanting to “give away” any of the top secret plays this early in the RWC.

They didn’t look poor, but neither did they appear convincing. I’m not sure if that is early nerves or just dull Northern Hemisphere rugby.

I said before the game any margin less than 60 would be a substandard performance. 35 – 3 certainly would be disappointing for England.

Although England’s mission this time around is to make the finals and this bonus point win is the first step in that process.

Tonga has one realistic opportunity for victory this World Cup against the USA and after this match, I’d say they have a better than average chance.

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