RWC Game 8: WAL vs. GEO

As the teams emerged from the tunnel, there was an awkward moment. The memo went to both teams, wear red socks, red jerseys and white shorts. It wasn’t that bad, but I’ve seen teams have to wear alternate strips who didn’t clash that much!

Wales, clear favourites, got out to a 27 – 0 lead and then shut up shop.

The final score of 43 -14, in many respects, flattered both sides.

Georgia couldn’t deal with the inside ball, letting in 3 tries in through a gap the size of Ben Tameifuna.

Wales couldn’t deal with Georgia’s scrum, being penalised at what felt like every scrum.

This game filled me with excitement for both the Wales/Australia and Georgia/Fiji matches. Both could go either way. We might not be in the most difficult pool, but it is certainly the funnest.

The referee had glowing reviews from the commentators and did a pretty good job. It has been apparent this World Cup a different style of refereeing. There has been significant boosts in what they call “player empathy,” even from referees without an empathetic bone in their bodies. It will be interesting to see if this continues throughout the whole tournament. I hope so. I like it.

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