RWC Game 10: FIJ vs. URU

In possibly the most entertaining match of this Rugby World Cup so far both teams played with flair, urgency and energy. In a game that felt more like 7’s than 15’s, Uruguay won in a nail-biter.

Uruguay played the smarter game by far, converting every chance on offer. They played the last 10 minutes with incredible rugby intelligence, slowing every opportunity without drawing the scorn of the referee.

Fiji, on the other hand, insisted on pushing that extra pass, leaving at least 4 or 5 tries out on the field. And their kicking was atrocious. missing 4 conversion attempts and a penalty, 2 of which were almost directly in front. 11 points theirs for the taking yet squandered.

We’ve heard it said many times this world cup, goal kicking will make the difference. Today goal kicking lost it for Fiji.

Not wanting to rob Uruguay of the glory of their first Rugby World Cup win since 2003, they certainly played a better brand of rugby.

Fiji came out and started the match playing as if they were minor premiers against the wooden spooners. Pushing passes that should have been simple recycle ball. They would be incredibly disappointed with their performance.

Given the open nature of the game, it was understandable that the referee allowed a little extra latitude at playing the ball from the ground, however there were multiple turn overs that on any other day would have been penalties. For the most part both sides enjoyed this latitude but it was interesting none the less.

Fiji made 12 changes from the team that played the Wallabies on Saturday, was this because of the relatively short turn around, or a sign of disrespect to Uruguay that backfired? Either way the finals look a bridge too far for Fiji.

Uruguay to beat the All Blacks in the RWC Final on Nov. 2 (maybe).

Final Score: Fiji 27 – Uraguay 30

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