RWC Game 14: JPN vs. IRE

Wow!!! Just WOW!!!

A Closer game than many were anticipating. 9 -12 at half time was an indication of the grit and determination of the locals. It turns out that boring rugby only works if your opponent has no game plan.

Japan played out of their skin! No one can believe Japan actually won it! 19 points to 12, Japan are victorious!

Solid game plan, exceptional defence, organised attack and took all their opportunities! Japan, Japan, Japan!!!

Japan have established themselves as giant slayers! I can’t do the maths, but I’m looking forward to seeing the Rugby World rankings on Monday!

Japan looked at home, competing again a tier 1 nation. This is exciting for rugby.

Pool A Ladder as at 28th September 2019

Whilst amazing rugby was played, the commentary was sub standard.

The commentators continue to show absolute contempt not only for the laws of the game, but also for the intelligence of the match officials coming out with this pearler;

“He’s actually not off his feet, he’s just unable to support his own body weight”

Brainless commentary team

A tautology? Slip of the tongue? No… just simple disregard for logic and a blatant internal contradiction.

Well done Japan, We’ll done World Rugby, try harder Fox Sports commentary team!

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