RWC Game 28: FRA vs. TGA

In a classic game of two halves, the French started strong taking a 17 point lead (almost) into half time. Tonga scored in the last couple of minutes to see the scores 17 – 7 at the break.

The French looked stronger throughout the first half, and expectation was they’d kick up a gear and ruin away with it in the second half.

But the second half was all Tonga, with the exception of the final score, they looked the better team and along with most of the crowd (and the Argentinians), most were cheering for an upset.

Unfortunately a single silly error from the Tongans toward the end of the match would prove the difference in the two sides.

Impatience at an inopportune moment saw the halfback taken early from the side. The French slotting the goal and taking the 3 points on offer.

Final Score: France 23 – Tonga 21

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