RWC Game 29: RSA vs. CAN

In a beautiful game of rugby, the Springboks took on the Canadians.

South Africa secured the bonus point within 20 minutes and were well on track to make a century.

Cobus Reinach, who happens to be Costa the Garden gnome’s stunt double, scored a wonderful hat trick. The hair cut certainly has helped.

The high tackle framework again surfaced, with Josh Larsen being shown the red card. He came in on the side, made no attempt to bind onto his opponent, used his shoulder to clear out his opponents head. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

When will rugby players learn. The HEAD means RED.

Yes, it’s a tough call, the Canadians are already getting flogged, why shoot a dead horse? Player safety. The High tackle framework has been highly publicised, everyone knows about it. Toughen up.

The outcry about our sport going soft is ridiculous. If you have a problem with safety, go and watch thug ball and cry about 6 again or a trainer using his head for the first time in rugby league history.

The half time score read 47 – 0 and spectators were licking their lips for a feast of tries in the second half as the 14 Canadians tired.

But instead we witness one of the more courageous second 40’s from a team this World Cup. Expecting triple figure, instead we saw Canada score first taking the scores to 47 – 7.

Rather than shutting up shop, the Canadians were there to play and it was delightful.

Sure, the Springboks scored a bunch in the second half but Canada had an immense moral victory!

Final score: South Africa 66 – Canada 7

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