RWC Game 31: SCO vs. RUS

Blue and green should never be seen, unless there’s tartan in between. Oh Flower of Scotland, where have you been? This is the best performance that we’ve seen!

I know, settle down, it’s only Russia. But it was nice to see the Scotsmen firing! They needed a bonus point win both for confidence and their best chance of qualifying for the QF.

All eyes shift to the Scotland vs. Japan game on Sunday. Both teams needing the win to secure qualification. Japan have the added incentive of a win securing the pool.

With one way traffic for most of the game, Russia did defend well, all things considered.

Scotland were well structured, kicked well, both in open play and for goal, and put together a number of beautiful tries. All they need now is to perform against a decent opponent.

My greatest concern from this game though was the use of the TMO. Following 3 seperate tries, the TMO interjected to disallow 2 of them for forward passes. The third he attempted to overturn but was overruled. I have no problem with the TMO interjecting for the “Clear and Obvious” but all three of these calls were marginal at best. The calls would have been a tough pill to swallow live, but on replay?

There is serious danger that the Rugby World Cup will be decided by a TMO call on a forward pass. Are the All Blacks still stressed about that Quarter final in 2007?

Final Score: Scotland 61 – Russia 0

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