RWC Game 38: TGA vs. USA

In the pool of death, the battle of the wooden spoon was played at a frenetic pace and marked by one thing…

Dropped ball on the end of one too many passes. It’s as if Tonga’s game plan was to avoid collisions at all costs. Rather than take the hit up, recycle and attack again, Tonga insisted on pushing the pass that wasn’t there to take.

Don’t get me wrong, there was some fantastic phase play from both sides, but if half the knock ons went to hand rather than to ground, the final score would have been something like 50+ – 19.

USA never really got into gear, even the points they did score felt like they came against the run of play. The eagles looked ok, and were excellent at getting to the 22m line, but once they arrived in the attacking quarter looked toothless for the most part.

Both sides will be satisfied with that performance to finish their World Cup campaigns.

Final Score: Tonga 31 – USA 19

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