I have no idea what happened in the first 60 minutes. I was fast asleep.

Boring, Boring, Boring.

Tactical box kicks were the order of the day. Both sides desperate not to lose this match. But neither were they willing to actually play rugby.

The Springboks were determined to kick, chase and make big tackles, happy to rely on their big men to create momentum and effect turnovers. And when ball handling was substandard, their dominant scrum was able to pick up the scraps.

It wasn’t all that effective in the first half. Going into the break at 6 – 9 it was clear rugby was going to be the loser today.

Obviously a Semi-Final is all about winning. Yes, Springboks are victorious. Yes, they are playing next Saturday. But if they play this way next weekend, they’ll be destroyed by England.

With 5 minutes remaining and the scores locked at 16 – 16, it’s seamed that extra time was inevitable. However a costly Wales penalty around 30 metres out on the sideline would prove the difference.

It will be tough for the Springboks to overcome England next week, but i thought that about England and the All Blacks.

Final Score: South Africa 19 – Wales 16

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