What’s a Reveree?

One definition of ‘reveree’ describes pretty much every blog I’ve ever read.

A loose or irregular train of thought occurring in musing or mediation; deep musing; daydream

Whilst this will likely be no different, it is not why the name was chosen.

As an ordained Presbyterian minister I am referred to (by some) as Reverend, or Rev. for short.

As a rugby referee I am referred to as “sir” or any number of other titles that are not fit for repetition.

But during my stint refereeing in the Illawarra, a number of the rugby community started to refer to me as “The Reveree,” acknowledging two distinct parts of my life that work together quite well. Whilst their comments were tongue in cheek, and often a jibe at the pastor who wouldn’t back down from conflict.

I found a beauty in what was being expressed; how seamlessly i would drift between my roles as both referee and pastor. Yet upon reflection I realised i was never one, and not the other. There is (and always has been) an integration of my life and faith.

Hence ‘The Reveree’, I am a Rev. and I am a referee. I cannot compartmentalise my life into categories that fit neatly. Life is messy, and everything is interconnected.

The influence Jesus has on my life is not limited to ‘religious’ matters but has a deep impact on every area.

I explored this idea in my exit thesis at theological college in The interaction between grace and law through the eyes of a rugby referee: A case study in Romans 4-8, WCF 19-20 and rugby union.

During my research i had a number of revelations, not least of which was the improvement i saw in my refereeing when i applied biblical principles. Yet i also discovered that i became a better Christian through my refereeing. God designed us to be integrated beings.

And so as I notate my “loose and irregular train of thought” there is one constant. Everything’s connected.


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