In the Hunt for redemption

Rumours have been circulating since December that Karmichael Hunt would be pulling on the blue jersey for the Waratah’s in 2019. Today these rumours have been confirmed by in an article indicating the switch with Bryce Hegarty, who heads North to join the Reds.

As a Waratah fan, I’m heart broken. I was impressed by Bryce Hegarty last year and hoped we could retain him. Comparatively, Karmichael’s off field antic seem to make the recruitment questionable at best. Brad Thorn, a man I deeply admire both as a rugby legend and a decent human, has a selection policy that seems both sound and reasonable. In a nutshell, he see’s character as just as important as talent. I am bewildered to see the logic in recruiting a bloke who has repeatedly found himself on the wrong side of the law, regardless of how good a rugby player he is. I hope Daryl Gibson proves most of the rugby public wrong.

As a referee, I am puzzled to see a constant transgressor of the law shown leniency. Any time you see a player consistently push the boundaries, you are more likely to come down hard, and show no mercy. Not throw them a lifeline.

As a pastor, I am fascinated by this wonderful picture of redemption. An underserved second chance (or forth) given to a bloke in desperate need of help. Someone who has been accused of having too many dollars and not enough sense. What’s more is the clarity given to Karmichael, this is your last chance. Given freedom to operate in a new structure. Not free to do as he pleases, but given a helpful support network. And given clear instructions on how best to flourish in the new environment. What a great picture of grace and love. Imagine experiencing that redemption yourself.

Whilst Karmichael’s recruitment may result in another year of disappointment for the Waratahs, whilst it might be the final chapter in the train wreck which is his career. I’m pleased to see grace and redemption so clearly on display in the public sphere.

Carn’ the Tahs.


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